report Salman

We Invented the Electrical Engineer – TU Darmstadt

Salman Khalid (Pakistan)

Confused, motivated, dreaming, hoping and believing were the state of my mind switching right after the other with endless questions about the fact that I am going to take a leap ahead that will change most of my life and indeed it did. Germany! the land of Ideas!

My Idea! To work towards an ambitious goal of graduating from the Technical University of Darmstadt and be part of the league of Engineers and wear the batch “We invented the Electrical Engineer”.

Happy and 100% satisfied about my decision because I got the opportunity to excel and explore not just academically but culturally and socially I am a different and better person.

Endless possibilities to work and choose the best career for you because TU Darmstadt trains you to be extremely competitive with rigorous and exhaustive studies giving a tinch of practical exposure bundled with high academic research.

Thanks ETiT!

Salman Khalid