Special recommendations

Special recommendations


For all candidates: read the FAQ

Chinese candidates

According to the resolution taken by the German Ministry for the Arts and Culture on October 11th 2001, all Chinese applicants to German universities are obliged to send their school and university certificates to the “Akademische Pruefstelle fuer chinesische Studienbewerber (APS)” at the German embassy in Peking.

Check for further information in the DAAD website: http://www.daad.de

In order to be enrolled to the iCE Program, you must submit the APS Zertificat together with the authenticated copies of your application documents. The APS certificate is not mandatory during the analysis of the digital copies of your documents, so you can apply while you wait for the APS certificate. However, you must be sure you will be able to send it with the rest of your documents in the case of approval in the online test and in the Selection Committee Analysis.

Students requiring a visa

For students requiring a visa: students from some foreign countries may have to apply for a visa to study in Germany. Prior to the application, check with the nearest German Embassy or Consulate if this is your case. For some countries, this procedure is slow and can take several months. For most cases, the student should ensure financial means to support his/her living in Germany. Don't apply before you get detailed information from the German Embassy or Consulate about the possibilities of obtaining the visa. Several candidates were recommended to enroll to the program, but were unable to get the visa in time.

The links below direct you to the first steps of the application procedure. Go on only if you have read carefully the information presented above. After your application is registered in our database, you can check your status within each of the parts of the application procedure using the online system interface. Every change in your status (for instance, when your documents are received or when the Selection Committee analyzes your background) is going to be available through the online system. Emails asking for the status of the application or asking acknowledgement for the receipt of documents will be ignored.