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Student life in Darmstadt

International students

Germany is one of the world's leading destination for students looking for an international career. Several initiatives are in place to make the student life in Germany more fruitful:

DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service

Campus Germany-International careers made in Germany


Darmstadt is located in the central part of Germany, about 40 km south from Frankfurt. It lies in the centre of the Rhein-Main region, on the border of the Odenwald Forest. It can be reached by road via the B3 and the A5 and A67 autobahns. Darmstadt is on the Frankfurt/Main-Heidelberg-Mainz- Aschaffenburg and Darmstadt-Eberbach (Odenwald) railway lines. The Frankfurt/Main airport is 25 minutes drive from the city.

It has three institutions of higher education, several research centers and high-tech companies, atracting people from all over the world. Such international atmosphere, together with its long tradition on hosting artistic and cultural initiatives and its priviledged geographical location, make the city a very interesting place to live and to work. Furthermore, in the year 2000 Darmstadt was chosen the seventh best German city for business in a special report from Focus magazine.

More information about Darmstadt in the TUD Homepage or in the

Information about transportation in the Darmstadt region (bus, train and tram lines and timetables) is available in the following websites:

HEAG Airliner- From the Frankfurt Airport to Darmstadt

DADINA (Darmstadt-Dieburger-Nahverkehrsorganisation) – Organizes the transportation for the region of Darmstadt

RMV (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund) – Organizes the transport in the Rhein-Main Region, which includes Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and other cities nearby

DB (Die Bahn) – Organizes the railroad transport all over the country, but its website has an excellent information system of routes, timetables and maps which covers also the lines operated by the local transportation organizations

TU Darmstadt

The Technische Universität Darmstadt has 14 departments, covering areas in Engineering, Humanities and Natural Sciences. It has about 300 Professors, more than 2400 research assistants, about 25,000 students and 110 buildings. Here are some helpful links

University Homepage

History of the University

Location of the University Buildings

Structure and Organization

ASTA – TUD Student Union

ESG – Evangelic Student Union


These are are useful links about the country.

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