Adv. Digital Integr. Circ. Design

Advanced Digital Integrated Circuit Design

Professor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Hofmann

Learning goals:

A student is, after successful completion of this module, able to 1. understand the short-channel effects of modern CMOS transistors, 2. derive and analyse the most important circuit concepts for digital logic gates, 3. understand the design flow of digital ASICs based on standard cells (design, layout, simulation/verification), 4. knows the pros and cons of synchronous vs. asynchronous logic, multiclockphase systems, 5. understands the differential design methods of integrated circuits (ASIC, ASIP, Full-custom/Semicustom, PLA, PLD, FPGA), 6. understands basic circuitry of logic and arithmetic units (adders, multipliers, PLL/DLL), 7. knows the design principles and properties of integrated semiconductor memory (DRAM, SRAM, Flash. MRAM, FeRAM)


MOS Transistor Models

CMOS Logic Gates

Chip Layout and Design Rules

Static and Dynamic Behavior of CMOS Circuits

Synchronous CMOS Circuits

Performance and Power Characterisation

Design Techniques and CAD Tools

FPGA and Gate Array Technologies

Memory Technologies

Chip Test

Teaching material: script, slides, comments