Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing

Professor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Abdelhak M. Zoubir

Learning goals:

Students will understand the basic principles of signal processing. They will be proficient on the analysis in time and frequency domains of deterministic and statistic signals. They will have their first experiences with MATLAB software tool.


Discrete-time Signals and Systems

  • Discrete-time signals and linear systems
  • Sampling and reconstruction of analog signals

Discrete-time Transforms

  • Z-Transform
  • Fourier Transform for discrete-time signals
  • Discrete-Fourier Transform
  • Fast Fourier Transform

Digital Filter Design

  • Filter design principles
  • Linear phase filters
  • Finite impulse response filters
  • Infinite impulse response filters
  • Implementation issues

Digital Spectral Analysis

  • Review of stochastic Signals
  • Non-parametric methods for spectral analysis
  • Parametric methods for spectral analysis
  • Applications of spectral analysis

Additional material: lecture webpage