Communication Technology

Communication Technology II

Professor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anja Klein

Learning goals:

After completion of the lecture, students possess:

1. the ability of comparing, evaluating, classifying an analyzing linear and nonlinear modulation schemes by means of signal space representations;

2. the ability to understand, describe and analyze the influence of multipath propagation on the signal;

3. the knowledge of equalizing the received signal in order to undo the influence of multipath propagation, as well as the ability to derive and design several equalizer structures;

4. the ability to analyze and evaluate the properties and application areas of multicarrier transmission systems, e.g. OFDM-systems;

5. the ability to design and evaluate the system parameters of multicarrier schemes for the application in realistic mobile radio szenarios;

6. the ability to characterize and evaluate spread spectrum techniques;

7. the ability to apply multiple access transmission to multicarrier schemes and spread spectrum techniques (OFDMA, CDMA)


Linear and nonlinear modulation schemes, intersymbol interference, equalisation, mulicarrierschemes, OFDM, spread spectrum techniques, CDMA