Program Rules

Program Rules

Regulations (Studienordnung)

Official version in German language.

Regulations 2014

Studienordnung 2010

Ausführungsbestimmungen 2010

Switch of exams regulations

General examination terms of the TU Darmstadt

Examination rules

For Bachelor and Master students it is allowed to perform once in your study an oral amendment exam in addition to your third written exam. That means: students, who fail a written exam three times, can improve one subject at a grade „ausreichend“ (4,0) by doing an oral exam.

This oral amendment is possible only once in your study. You have to apply for it in the examination office latest four weeks after the grade has been published .

iCE Catalogs

Official version from Servicezentrum. Please notice that the catalogs can change, so check with the program coordination office or the Servicezentrum for the most updated information.

iCE Catalog PO 2014

iCE Catalog PO 2010

Study plan

Create your individual study plan for approval:

study plan 2014

study plan 2010

Module handbook

In the Module handbook all lectures of the ICE study are listed. You may find information about the content, the instructor, the credit points,....

Module handbook PO 2014

Module handbook PO 2010

Internship rules

English translation of the official rules for the mandatory internship.

Internship Rules

Withdrawing from an examination

Please inform yourself about the rules and how to hand in a medical certificate.

Withdrawing exams