Mentoring System

Mentoring System


Every new student is assigned to a mentor to assist, who is usually from the senior batch. This is notified through an email from the department.

The mentor would assist the new students to get used to the new environment and also help with teething issues (such as accommodation, study plan etc).

Your mentors in 2017

  • Abhijeet
  • Sushant
  • Singh
  • Philipp
  • Gurwinder
  • Lin
  • Blandine

Impressions from our last workshop

Guidelines for Mentors:

Phase 1: Reception and first steps.

When? Every time a new iCE student arrives in Germany.

Checklist ( please explain the students the significance of each step as well):

  1. Receive the new students at train station in Darmstadt.
  2. Take them to their respective accommodations.
  3. Help the new students get their rental lease agreement.
  4. Help with opening bank account.
  5. Help with getting health insurance.
  6. Help with enrollment at AAA.
  7. Assist during payment of semester fee.
  8. Assist during registration at City Office.
  9. Assist with acquiring mobile-phone connections.

Phase 2: A common meeting to brief about university, infastructure and iCE courses.

When? During the iCE orientation week.

Checklist :

  1. Did the new students receive their student identification card? (If no, talk to AAA).
  2. Did the new students receive their semester ticket? (If no, talk to AAA).
  3. Did they receive their mensa card? (If no, talk to AAA or HRZ).
  4. Did the new students apply and receive PC Pool accounts? ( If no, talk to Fachschaft FB 18).
  5. Did the new students apply and receive library cards? ( If no, talk to ULB).
  6. Briefing about usage of student ID card, semester ticket, mensa card, library card and PC Pool account.
  7. Briefing about iCE program overview.
  8. Briefing about importance of Credit Point System and course selection.
  9. Help with preparation of weekly time table based on lecture schedule. Also resolve any lecture overlaps.
  10. University and department tour.

Phase 3: A common follow-up meeting to find out the problems of students.

When? One month after beginning of lectures

Checklist :

  1. Find out if the new students are having any problems and try to resolve them.
  2. Tips for studying individual subjects.

Phase 4: Common meeting to explain about exam-registration.

When? One and half month before registration of exams.

Checklist :

  1. Brief about importance and process of registration.
  2. Tips for exam-preparation of individual subjects.