During study

During the Study

Q: How to apply for the courses?

A: First of all, you have to register in TUCaN. Here you find all courses offered for your study as well as all courses from the whole university. Register for the courses that you would like to attend. Look in the list of courses and lectures, then go to the first meeting and follow the hints of the Professor. You can also take courses from other programs. Check the complete list of courses offered by the university.

Q: How to apply for exams?

A: To be approved in a particular course, you must apply for the exams via TUCaN. The application must be done during the time-slot June respectively December. More information you find here

Q: How will my examination marks be given? What is the minimum mark to be approved?

A: In Germany, the marks are given from a discrete set between 1 and 5. The highest mark is 1 and the lowest is 5. To be approved, you must obtain at least 4.

The meaning of each mark is as follows:

1 – sehr gut (very good)

2 – gut (good)

3 – befriedigend (satisfactory)

4 – ausreichend (sufficient)

5 – ungenügend (insufficient, failed)

Q: What is the best strategy to be approved?

A: It depends. Every individual has its own preferences. Anyway, the following points should always be remembered:

  • attend to the lectures, exercises, labs
  • review the lectures at home
  • the scientific staff of the university (Professors, Assistant lecturers, Researchers) usually dedicate some hours per week to attend students – check on their web pages
  • use the libraries
  • rely on the iCE Master coordinator (masteroffice(at)etit.tu-darmstadt.de) or the faculty Servicezentrum (servicezentrum@etit.tu-darmstadt.de) for help

Q: I need a certificate with my marks/results. Where can I get it?

A: If you need a certificate on your results, ask for it at the examination office.

Q: Can I work during my studies?

A: If you are foreigner living in Germany with a student visa, you may work full time without a work permit for a maximum of three months or 180 half-days per year during semester breaks (“Employment promotion law” § 19) without a work permit. But keep in mind that some of the examinations, projects and your internship will probably take place during the semester break.

Q: Where can I get financial support at the end of my study?

A: One possibility especially at the end of the study you find here.

Q: What is the iCE Master Program situation within the TU Darmstadt organization?

A: The TUD is divided in several faculties/departments (Fachbereiche). The iCE International Master Program is one of the study programs offered by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FB18 – Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik).

Q: Where can I study/work at the computer/access Internet?

A: You can use the infrastructure provided by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. To access the PC pool at the S3|06 building, you should fill in the account registration form, available in the bulletin board in front of the room S3|06/314.

You should as well use the computer rooms, libraries and study rooms offered by your tutor.

Q: Where can I do my internship? How long should it be? What will I be doing?

A: The internship is a period of at least twelve weeks where you will have the opportunity to put into practice some of the knowledge you obtained during your master studies. It can take place in the industry or in one of the research labs of the university (either TU Darmstadt or one of the partner universities). You can expect to learn some of the every day tasks an engineer undertakes, such as using CAD tools, measurement instruments, prototyping platforms, etc. You will also exercise some of your team work skills, because your work would likely be a part of a larger project involving other researchers and engineers.

At the end of your internship, you must provide a report on your tasks which will be evaluated by the ServiceZentrum.

The recommended period for the internship is the semester break between the 3rd and 4th semesters. At that point, you will be finished with all the lectures and will be able to focus completely on the internship. Furthermore, you can also take advantage on the internship and use it as an opportunity to learn the basics for your master thesis. For instance, you can do an internship in a lab or company that use the CAD tools or measurement instruments you intend to use during your master thesis, so that you start working on the thesis you are already proficient on the respective tool or instrument.