Candidates recommended

Candidates recommended for enrollment

Q: Where can I get certified copies of my documents?

A: The International Admission Office (IAO) has detailed information about this issue in their website:

Q: I was recommended for enrollment, but now I got a letter from the university stating that my admission was rejected. What is happening?

A: The iCE Master Coordination can only recommend you to enrollment. The enrollment itself is done by the Studentensekretariat (German citizens) or the International Admission Office. The letter you received was probably sent by one of those departments, because they found problems with your documentation. In this case, you should contact them directly, so the problem can be solved. In such case, the recommendation for enrollment that was issued by the iCE Selection Committee is maintained, and the student would be enrolled as soon as the documentation issues are cleared with the corresponding admission department.

Q: I was issued an admission letter, but i cannot start this year because of X or Y reasons. Can my admission be deffered to next year?

A: Contact the person at the International Admission Office who issued you the admission letter and explain why you want your admission to be deffered. If your reasons are tangible, he or she will issue you a new admission letter for next year.

Q: I am a foreign student and my request for a student visa was denied. Can you help me?

A: Unfortunately we can't do anything regarding this matter.

Q: I am a foreign student and I already got my student visa. When should I go to Germany?

A: The technical courses usually begin in the second half of October. However, all iCE students without German language proficiency are expected to arrive in September for the German language intensive course (6 weeks, starting in the first working day of September).

In the first days after your arrival, you should contact the International Admission Office in order to proceed with your registration.

Q: How do I get there?

A: If you are coming by plane, the best way is through Frankfurt Airport. You can take the Airliner to Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof. This is a direct bus from the airport to Darmstadt city center.

Q: When exactly are the classes starting?

A: The German language classes, which are mandatory for all the students without German proficiency, start in the first working day of September. The technical lectures start in the third week of October.

Q: My admission letter states that I need to have health insurance. How can I get it?

A: We recommend you to get your health insurance here in Germany, because you can take advantage on special student fees. After your arrival, you can go to any insurance company and ask for it. You should show them your admission letter in order to get the reduced fees for students. It will cost you then about 80Euro per month.

For further information, you can check the Unilife website ( – for the information in English, click in the option “Insurance guide”).

Q: Can you provide me some information about housing in Darmstadt?

A: You can search by yourself for apartments offered by private owners in online advertisement newpapers such as Sperrmuell ( If you decide to search for an apartment after your arrival, a good option for the first days is the Darmstadt Youth Hostel, which is located circa. 100 m from the university. The German Youth Hostel Association website is

You will be assisted by our mentorson finding a private-owned apartments. About the price ranges, here you can find some basis:

Apartment Location Monthly rental Furnished

1 room, sharing bathroom 30 minutes from TU 180 Euro

1 room&kitchen, bathroom 5 minutes from TU 350 Euro

2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom 5 minutes from TU 450 Euro