Candidates not recommended

Candidates not recommended for enrollment

Q: I failed in the online test. What should I do?

A: If you failed the online test, it probably means that your previous studies don't match the required background we expect from our students. We recommend you to search for a study program which matches your background.

Q: I was approved in the online test but the Selection Commitee did not recommend me for enrollment. Why?

A: The iCE Master is a program of excellence, and only candidates with solid background in information and communication engineering can be accepted. If you weren't recommended for enrollment, it means that the iCE Selection Committee analyzed your application documents (transcripts and degree certificate) and could not find such foundations within your academic experiences. We use the online test as tool to provide us some assessment on your background, but the detailed analysis on your academic profile is done by our Selection Committee. Please refer to our admission requirements page for further information.