Applying to the program

Applying to the Program

Q: Is the program starting also in the Summer Semester?

A: No. We offer only one admission per year, starting in September.

Q: When is the deadline for applications?

A: We strongly recommend you to register at iCE website and online test before June 15th. Approved candidates must submit application documents to the Foreign Student's Office (AAA) before July 15th, in order to be considered for enrollment in the same year.

Q: What's the status of my application?

A: Use the Online System interface.

Q: What is the maximum number of students allowed in each admission?

A: We don't restrict the number of students. All the candidates which fulfill the program requirements will be recommended by the Selection Committee to join the program. There is no “Numerus Clausus” (German system for requiring excellent high school grades) entrance restriction.

Q: I have a X degree from Y university. Am I eligible to join the program?

A: If you have a degree in a field related to Information and Communication Engineering, you may be eligible to the program, but this can be confirmed only after the analysis of your application material by the Selection Committee. We recommend you to apply only if you had good foundation in most of the following topics during your studies: mathematics, physics, statistics, semiconductor theory, electronics, electromagnetism, computer organization, software systems and data communications. Check our Requirements page for further information.

Q: I am not yet graduated. Can I apply?

A:Yes. However, you must be able to submit an authenticated copy of your degree certificate by July 15th.

Q: What is a provisional certificate?

A: A provisional certificate is a document issued by some universities and given to the students when they graduate. With this document, they can apply for our program, even when the final degree certificate is not ready.

Q: Can I apply for a scholarship/funding/financial support?

A: There are payed research assistantships available at many of the iCE host institutes (e.g. IES, ES, KOM) but they are only available to students in a higher semester (first semester students are not eligible). Thus, first semester students are expected to support themselves either through personal funds or scholarships.

Q: Is it necessary to have German language skills?

A: No. You only need to be proficient in English to apply. All mandatory lectures and many optional lectures, labs and seminars are in English. However, lectures and seminars in some particular topics are offered in German language only. To make possible to all students to take advantage of the whole range of offerings, the program includes a mandatory German course for those without good German skills. This German course is offered free of charge to all iCE Master Program students and is organized by the Language Center of the TU Darmstadt.

Q: Where can I learn German language before I go to Germany?

A: You can start learning German language in the nearest Goethe Institut (more info in, other German language schools or in the web. Some addresses:




Q: Is TOEFL really necessary? Can I provide other proficiency certificates?

A: It is a decision of the Foreign Student's Office to require an English proficiency certificate from all applicants who are not English native speakers. Even students, who have already done their Bachelor degree in English, need to prepare an English proficiency certificate. We do prefer TOEFL certification, but you can submit your application with other equivalent, well known English proficiency certificates (IELTS, Cambridge). However, keep in mind that in that case the Selection Committee may ask you for further documents, or even ask for an interview before accepting your application.

Q: Can you send me a brochure with information about the program? Can you send me the application form?

A: No. All the information regarding the program is in the website. The application procedure is also done through the website.

Q: I have problems on using the application form in the web! / I don't have digital copies of my certificates! Can I apply via post mail?

A: No. All the application procedure is done through Internet. Look for a good Internet provider or Internet cafe, then you will have no problems.