Apply to the Program

The application procedure to the International Master Program in Information and Communication Engineering (iCE Master) is done in two parts. One part, which is handled by the iCE Master Program Coordination Office together with the iCE Selection Committee, will check if your academic background matches the requirements for this program: a Bachelor degree in a field related to Information and Communication Engineering and certified English proficiency (before applying, read carefully the details about the requirements). All the qualified candidates will be recommended for enrollment. The second part comprehends the formal requirements for undertaking graduate studies in Germany. This part is handled by the Foreign Students' Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt – AAA).

Apply early!

•Notice that the application process may take several weeks, so apply in advance in order to have your admission letter in time. The online test is open from December until 15th of July. The online application via academic foreigner office is possible from end of March until 15th of July. Applications, coming in early, will get the acceptance early.

•Even though the technical lectures start on the third week of October, all iCE students are expected to be in Darmstadt on the first working day of September. In the meantime, the following activities take place: mandatory German language course enrollment and issuing of student ID card.

•To be informed about your status of application, please refer to the Academic foreigner office (Akademisches Auslandsamt).. Don`t call the Masteroffice, since we have no information related to your application status.